1964 Cooper-Monaco


Considered to be the most powerful sports car in the United States at the time, "Hussein," as this special British-built Cooper-Monaco was called, was commissioned by Texas oil millionaire John Mecom, Jr, who ran a race team based out of Houston, Texas. He ran a variety of very fast cars including various Ferraris, a Lola GT, a Lotus 19 and a Scarab, but he wanted something even faster for A. J. Foyt to drive. The bare chassis was shipped from the Cooper Car Company in Surbiton, England to Mecom's Headquarters in Houston, Texas, where it was outfitted with a special aluminum body crafted by renowned West Coast fabricator Jack Lane. 

The car was named the Hussein 1 after King Hussein of Jordan, who was a great racing enthusiast. The connection between King Hussein and the Mecom team is that John Mecom's father secured the oil drilling rights in Jordan and the King visited the company's headquarters in Texas. He naturally did not miss the opportunity to see the competition cars and John Mecom decided to call the car Hussein in his honor.


The chassis of the Cooper is basically unaltered, except to accept the 426-cu. in. Chrysler Corp. Hemi V-8 engine, upgraded brakes, and stiffer springs and shock absorbers. The 525 hp engine power is transmitted through a Colotti type 37 gearbox to heavy duty drive shafts and the rear wheels. The car weighs 1,820 pounds, is fitted with larger American magnesium wheels, and is capable of over 200 mph in suitable conditions.


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