The Type 135 brought Delahaye fame and it influenced the company's future direction and designs. During its lifespan, it was carefully and continuously developed, resulting in several variants including the uprated 135 M (Modifie) and competition models. Delahaye 135s captured 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th at the 1936 French Grand Prix, which was run to sports-car regulations that year. The 1936 LeMans 24 Hours was cancelled in 1936 due to labor unrest, but returned the following year with Delahaye 135s scoring 2nd and 3rd, followed by a 1st, 2nd, and 4th in 1938. Siam's Prince Bira won the 1938 Donington 12-Hour Sports Car Race and Prince Chula was victorious at Brooklands' 'Fastest Road Car in England' event. Post-WW II, Delahaye 135s raced well into the 1950s, with one contesting the 1954 Tour de France.


Engineer Jean Francois designed the Type 135 chassis. Initially, it was fitted with an inline six-cylinder engine with modern overhead-valve architecture and a displacement size of 3.2 liters. Power output increased in 1935 with the engine growing to 3.6 liters.


Delahaye did not produce coachwork of its own. Instead, the work was reserved for some of the finest custom coachbuilders including Figoni et Falaschi, Saoutchik, Pennock, and Marcel Pourtout.


Engine - Cast Iron, Water Cooled, Inline-6

Postion - Front Longitudinal

Aspiration - Natural

Valvetrain - 2 Valves / Cyl

Displacement - 3557 cc / 217.1

Bore - 80mm / 3.15 in

Stroke - 107 mm / 4.21 in

Power - 115 bhp @4000 rpm

Driven Wheels - RWD

Front Brakes - Drums w/Servo Assit

Rear Brakes - Drums w/Servo Assit

Steering - Worn & Nut

Front Suspension - Idependant w/Transverse Semi Elliptic Leaf Springs, Friction Dam

Rear Suspension - Live Axle w/Transverse Semi Elliptic Leaf Springs, Friction Damp

Transmission - 4-Speed Cotal Preselector

Another elite French carrosier - Dubos Freres - used their craft to cloth the Type 135. Dubos Freres was located in the outskirts of Paris at Neuilly-sur-Seine and then Puteaux. Their early work included coachwork for Voisin, a Renault Vivastella in 1934, and then by 1937, a focus on Delahaye 135 chassis. When World War II came to a close, Dubos designed the first Talbot-Lago Grand Sport coupe, but discontinued operation by 1950.


This particular example is a 1937 Delahaye 135 M with 'teardrop' coachwork by Dubos. It has a unique band atop the hood, which sweeps across the bodysides, terminating just aft of the B-pillar. But perhaps its

most distinct feature is the bureau-style 'rollback' roof; this may be the sole example with this type of roof configuration. The restoration was inspired with the interior finished in the Couture Allure of Omar Kiam’s use of Red in his designs during the 1930’s and 1940’s and complimented with the Art Nouveau style of Sinuous Black lines and “whiplash” curves on the White canvas.

Original Owner

Eberhard Von Stohrer (May 2, 1883 – March 7, 1953) was the first owner and was an avid automobile racer and career German diplomat who served during WWI and WWII. The son of an Army General from Würtemberg, he studied at Leipzig University, receiving a “Doctor of Law” degree. He also studied at the University of Strasbourg and the School of Political Sciences in Paris. During the Spanish Civil War from July 1936 to April 1939, he stayed in Madrid. The vehicle was registered as “Diplomatic or Tourist” when sold to second owner in 1948. The car's next owner, Marcios Alsina Basol of Spain, took possession of the car on August 28, 1948, followed by the third owner on December 30, 1950. Santiago Fernandez Vela of Madrid, the last recorded Spanish owner, purchased the car on May 12th of 1958.

The Delahaye remained in Spain and was apparently left abandoned in a parking facility. By 1979, it was listed as being owned by Mr. Vela and was part of his museum collection. At the time, the car was complete and a restoration commenced. The current caretaker acquired the car from Mr. Vela during the late 2000s, importing the car to the United States, and commissioning a complete restoration.


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